True Zero Backlash in Gearboxes, Gearmotors and Drive Systems

There is simply no other gearbox like Galaxie®. The award-winning patented design technology allows for previously unattainable levels of precision, smoothness and dynamics. The Galaxie® is the first zero backlash gearbox in the market and offers the perfect solution for rotary CNC axes, high precision robot axes, precision Indexing / dial tables, and direct drive alternatives. 

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Decreased Cycle Times

Energy Efficient


Lower settling times


Higher precision

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Galaxie® back-driveable?

Yes, the Galaxie® products are back-drivable. The torque varies per size. For more informantion please contact us.

What is the efficiency of the Galaxie®?

The efficiency is at 90-92% at the optimal point

Which type of lubrication is used for the Galaxie®?

The Galaxie® gearboxes use oil as a lubricant. The Miniature Galaxie® has a grease lubrication.

Which torque range does the Galaxie® cover?

The torque rating for the Galaxie® products is 50Nm up to 7500Nm

What is the IP rating?

The IP rating class is 65

If I need a pre-stage, do I have to order this seperately and mount it to the Galaxie®?

The Galaxie® comes with an integrated and perfectly matched planetary pre-stage out of the high quality WITTENSTEIN portfolio.

Is the Galaxie® a strain wave or cycloidal gearbox?

Galaxie® is based on a new technology and functions differently than strain wave and cycloidal gearboxes

We have a special needs for our application. Do you offer custom solutions?

We are happy to work with you to design a solution that meets your specific requirements. Please get in touch with us for futher information

Is the Galaxie® more expensive than other gearboxes the same size?

The total costs of ownership is reduced and performance is enhanced when using a Galaxie®

Which ratios do you offer?

The Galaxie® has a ratio of 24 or 31. With the integrated pre-stage, the ratio can go up to 2400:1

Is it true zero backlash?

Yes! Galaxie® is a true zero backlash gearbox which does not increase over the span of the lifetime

What is an actuators?

The actuator is a unit with integrated gearbox, motor, encoder and optional brake. 

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