Compliance at WITTENSTEIN

As one of our five corporate values, responsibility forms the basis of our business activities. Compliance, which means adherence to all statutory and company rules, is the essential prerequisite for this. We expect the conduct of all employees of the WITTENSTEIN group - whether in administration, production or at managerial and board level - to correspond with the law, regulations, voluntary commitments and our own values. We have set this down in our Code of Conduct together with examples for clarification.
Code of Conduct of the WITTENSTEIN Group

Sustainable and socially responsible conduct in business is the basis for all our transactions and provides a universal foundation for good, long-term business relations. Our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is drawn from the Code of Conduct of the WITTENSTEIN group, defines the standards that WITTENSTEIN sets itself and which it also expects from its suppliers.
Supplier Code of Conduct of the WITTENSTEIN Group

Our Compliance Standards are based on the principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). 


How to report a compliance case

It is important to us to uncover and explain irregular behavior. That is why we have set up a whistleblower system. Employees, business partners, but also third parties have the opportunity to report irregular behavior at any time. This system can be used to report all kinds of incidents where a compliance violation is suspected. For example, human rights-related incidents and environmental reports can be submitted, as well as reports that include suspected money laundering or terrorist financing.


Whistleblower system   

Please note: 
You can notify us of possible violations either anonymously or in your own name. We set great store by open communication and we encourage you to share your name for this reason. You can be assured that we will treat your information confidentially and that you will not suffer any disadvantages if you report irregular behavior to the best of your knowledge and belief.

To report a concern, simply follow the step-by-step instructions given to you by the whistleblower system. You will be asked to set up a mailbox at some stage. This will not be used other than to contact you in case we have any questions. You can add more information to your report at any time if you wish and communicate it to us via the mailbox (also anonymously). Please make note of your password and your case ID number, which will be displayed to you automatically when you create a report. 

You can find the principles for submitting reports, processing reports and protecting whistleblowers here.