Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Electronics Assembly

In the Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display (FPD) industry as well as in Electronics Assembly, where reliable and precise mechatronic drive systems are crucial, WITTENSTEIN is your experienced and innovative partner. Based on our experience in a broad variety of industry sectors, we can provide deep knowledge of your applications and requirements.
From the wafer production to Frond-End and Back-End processes. From display manufacturing to Electronics Assembly and to intralogistics and automation. WITTENSTEIN can provide tailored drive solutions for all your applications and needs.





Compact design

Peak performance

Fields of Application

Wafer production

To create the complex Integrated Circuits needed for most of today’s electronics, all starts with thin silicon plates, called wafers. The production process of those wafers includes crystal growing, cutting, and grinding. High throughput and reliable solutions are necessary to meet the growing demands for semiconductors. For these applications, WITTENSTEIN can offer you a broad portfolio of drive components and individual engineering support. Two solutions can be highlighted for the wafer production processes: the CP and NP series, which are offering economical, thus precise, and reliable planetary gearbox solutions, and the V-Drive servo-worm gearboxes, which combine compactness with best smooth-running behavior and low operating noise. This helps you to further increase your machine’s efficiency as well as the product quality.

Front-End processes (FEOL)

According to Moore’s law, the number of transistors on a microchip is doubling every two years. To achieve this high level of miniaturization, the production of integrated circuits (IC) takes place in cleanroom and partly in vacuum environments.
Besides the main process of lithography, which requires cleanroom and ultra-high vacuum environments, there are also numerous coating and handling applications located within the Front-End processes. For those requirements, WITTENSTEIN drive technology is optimized regarding robustness, low outgassing rates and high availability.
We have extensive know-how in the development and production of customer-specific cleanroom-suitable servo motors, like our cyber® cleanroom motor. Due to its design for cleanrooms up to ISO Class 1, vacuum up to 10-8 mPa as well as hydrogen atmospheres, the cyber® cleanroom motor is suitable for several Front-End applications.
For handling tasks within the fabs, highest positioning accuracy is needed. To fulfill this requirement, coaxial gearboxes, like our TP+ or Galaxie® reducers, as well as customer-specific frameless motors from our cyber® kit motors or brushless servo motors like our cyber® dynamic line can be used.

Back-End Prozesse (BEOL)

In the Back-End processes, the wafers are separated into the single chips, which later are interconnected, packed into their housings and the electrical contacts are formed.
The different methods to create the electrical contacts are all requiring exact positioning, while aiming for the lowest machine footprint to save valuable space. For this purpose, WITTENSTEIN is offering customer-specific linear motors, called the cyber® linear motors, as well as our cyber® kit line as direct drives with highly compact design.
To protect the microchips from environmental impacts, compression molding is one of the most common methods. Depending on the individual requirements of your application, our broad portfolio of motor and gearbox combinations can always offer optimized drive solutions. The perfect fit is a cyber® power motor in combination with our low-backlash planetary and right-angle gearboxes, like our XP+.

Electronics Assembly

Direct drive technology is playing a crucial role in the highly automated Electronics Assembly applications. High dynamics, low weight and a small footprint is typical for WITTENSTEIN drive technology. We are enabling market-leading performance and speeds in the placement of electronic components on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
Depending on your application and machine design, our customer-specific cyber® linear motors or the servo motor lineup cyber® power motors can be used. To increase your machine’s productivity and output even further, while not increasing the installation space, the frameless servo motors within our cyber® kit line are offering unbeaten power density at smallest dimensions. 

Material Handling & Automation

Nearly no other industry segment has such a high degree of automation as the Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display industry. To meet this rising demand for automated material handling systems (AMHS) and overhead hoist transfer vehicle (OHT) systems for front opening unified pods (FOUP), WITTENSTEIN is proud to present you the following solutions: our broad range of coaxial and right-angle gearbox solutions, offering you a perfect fit for every requirement and application you may have. For Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), we offer the compact servo drive system cyber® iTAS® system 2.
For SCARA robots, WITTENSTEIN is offering suitable drive solutions, like our TP+ planetary or Galaxie® gearboxes with highest stiffness and rigidity. This enables highly dynamic and precise movements in the positioning of wafers and panels.
Besides the motor-gearbox combinations, we are also offering the small servo drive system cyber® dynamic system. It is combining the servo drive and the servo motor in a compact unit.
To efficiently use the existing installation space and to reduce efforts in engineering, our cyber® kit line includes a broad portfolio of frameless servo motors.

Flat Panel Display (FPD) Manufacturing

The production of Flat Panel Displays is underlying major trends and developments, which are changing the needs of the industry. Larger screen sizes and new display technologies, like OLED, are raising the requirements of the production and logistics equipment in use. To support you in this challenge, WITTENSTEIN can offer a broad planetary gearbox portfolio from the economical CP and NP series, over our precise SP+ and TP+ series, up to the robust TP+2000 flange gearbox for max. torques up to 22,000 Nm. In applications with even higher requirements, we propose the backlash-free Galaxie® drive system, offering you best in-class torque density, torsional rigidity, and synchronous run. With its outstanding smooth-running performance and highest positioning accuracy, Galaxie® can outperform direct drive motors and other drive solutions like strain wave gearboxes with ease. This enables dynamic transport and precise positioning of large size panels.


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