Oil & Gas Exploration

The harsh ambient conditions in the mining and extraction industry place stringent demands on machines and systems: This means the key criteria for drives are flawless operation as well as maximum reliability and availability. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop customized solutions designed for specific applications. This is supported by highly innovative simulation models and test benches, which enable valid statements on the qualification of developments in special environments. Our rotary servo motors and generators are available with and without housing, are highly shock and vibration-resistant and enable stator winding temperatures up to 240°C and ambient pressures up to 2,100 bar. On request, we build them strictly to ATEX guidelines. Typical applications include Rotary Steerable Systems (RSS), power generation, mechanical pipe cutters, Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Logging While Drilling (LWD), wireline tools, downhole tractor tools and intelligent wells.

Specifically to enable oil and gas to be processed and extracted on land or below the ocean surface, we offer highly integrated mechatronic systems with extremely robust designs and high-precision calibrations. Our valve actuators, which control many different kinds of valves, are just one outstanding example here. These actuators have a redundant structure and can be used at a depth of up to 3000 meters, with a service life of 25 years.