New Value Line Right Angle Gearboxes to Premiere at AUTOMATE 2019 in Chicago

WITTENSTEIN alpha has expanded its Basic and Value product lines with an extensive range of coaxial and right angle gearboxes, and will be premiering the line for the North America market at the upcoming AUTOMATE 2019 show, April 8-11 in Chicago.

Ideal for rack-and-pinion systems, spindle and chain drives, coupling connections, and other axis requiring high power density within a tight mounting space, these bevel gearboxes are available in a large range of sizes and output options, to ensure optimal sizing.

The NP/NPL/NPS/NPT/NPR coaxial gearboxes now have right-angle versions: NPK / NPLK / NPSK / NPTK / NPRK. With reduction ratios from i=3 to i=100, multiple interfaces and torsional backlash of <8 arcmin or <15 arcmin, these bevel gearboxes deliver application-specific precision, dynamics and power density in a minimal space.

In addition to the expansion of it’s value line,WITTENSTEIN alpha has enhanced its CP/CPS and CPK/CPSK series by increasing maximum speed on the input while keeping operating noise negligible.

One of the most noteworthy enhancements is the addition of a replaceable B5 output flange with a long centering component – the only one of its kind in the market. The centering option enables an even more compact connection to the machine, saving valuable space. The replaceable B5 output can be adapted to the application interfaces, allow more design flexibility.

A cost-effective option for standard applications, the series features more sizes, additional output variants and new bevel gear stages to deliver <12 arcmin of torsional backlash in the coaxial version or <17 arcmin in the right-angle version.

Ideal uses for the CP/CPS and CPK/CPSK series include feed axes for handling kinematics in packaging; belt drives and positioning axes on delta robots; and machine tooling with short, linear spindle motions, and other applications allowing for backlash of 12-17 arcmin.

All of these new demos will be on display in booth #7936 at AUTOMATE in Chicago, this April 8-11. The show brings together North America's broadest range of automation solutions, featuring the latest in robotics, machine vision, AI, motion control, and related technologies. There is also a robust education track during the show. Learn more at www.automateshow.com.

  • CPK bevel gearbox with smooth shaft

  • CPS planetary gearbox

  • NPK bevel gearbox with smooth shaft

  • NPLK bevel gearbox with reinforced bearings and B14 output geometry

  • NPRK bevel gearbox

  • NPSK bevel gearbox with SP+ output geometry

  • NPTK bevel gearbox with TP+ output geometry

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