WITTENSTEIN wins “Best Gear Reducer” 2020

Preferred supplier chosen by 15,000 Machine Builders, Integrators and Users in the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards.

Once again WITTENSTEIN has been voted as a preferred supplier in the 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards for “Best Gearhead”. This year’s poll was extended by confidential ballot to more than 15,000 machine builders, integrators and end users who identify themselves as having “buying influence or authority”.

All of the voting is unaided, meaning that no list of supplier choices is provided for guidance or assistance in the ballot. Selections are chosen entirely by the participants, who may vote for first, second and third preferences in each category. The results are grouped by Control, Hardware, Motion, Networking, Safety, Sensing and Software categories.   

Published by Control Design Magazine, this annual poll has been an industry icon for twenty years. WITTENSTEIN has been voted as a “Best Gearhead” supplier every single year since the inception of this category in 2012. 

Commenting on behalf of WITTENSTEIN Americas, Marketing Communications Manager Colleen Makare notes, “This year’s recognition holds particular resonance, as the industry surge in food, medical and pharma applications has brought the need for quality components into sharp focus. Knowing that, year after year, machine designers consistently trust WITTENSTEIN as “the best” is a testament to our quality, and exemplifies our commitment of excellence. Thank you to all the survey participants, and to Control Design magazine for publishing these awards each year.” 

See the complete article and list of winners at Control Design online.