With the maintenance-free Galaxie®, WITTENSTEIN has reenvisioned the concept of mechanical gearing. The result: a fundamentally new type of backlash-free gear unit. The maintenance-free, unique kinematics maintains almost complete surface contact of every tooth during power transmission. As a result, the backlash-free Galaxie® drive systems and gearboxes with hollow shafts achieve previously unimaginable performance data. These include extreme torque density, torsional rigidity, low synchronization error, high positioning accuracy and absolute freedom from backlash. Compared to involute or cycloid gears, the Galaxie technology enables maintenance-free backlash over its entire service life.


The Galaxie® is a hollow shaft drive with lifelong zero backlash, maintenance-free use and maximum precision, based on three radically new ideas...

A disruptive innovation

In contrast to commercially available cycloid or involute gears, the disruptive Galaxie technology enables absolute zero backlash over the entire service life.

The scientific proof that Galaxie® is an independent gearbox class and its successful use in high performance engineering are rapidly establishing our invention as a firm fixture in research and teaching. We asked three professors to give us their expert opinion on the new gearbox class. There was unanimous agreement that Galaxie® is a revolutionary innovation. 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schaeffer

Head of the Laboratory of Multibody Dynamics within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at OTH Regensburg

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Stahl

Head of the Institute of Machine Elements, Gear Research Centre (FZG) of the Technical University of Munich

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fleischer

Director of Machines, Equipment and Process Automation at the Institute of Production Science (wbk) at KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Superior on principle

The practically wear-free teeth of the Galaxie technology enables maintenance-free use over the entire service life. 
This also convinces our customers...

Highest manufacturing quality with 10 % more dynamics.
Dreiling Maschinenbau
40% increase in productivity due to low vibration.
Profiroll Technologies
Highest manufacturing quality with 10 % more dynamics.
Zero backlash unchanged after 5 years of use.
Profiroll Technologies
Hysteresis measurements during operation due to extensive sensor technology.
STAMA Maschinenfabrik


The backlash-free and maintenance-free precision gear represents an ideal fit in industries such as machine tool, packaging, and food & beverage machines.

Much shorter feed-through times in lathes

Shorter rivet head decay times on riveting systems


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