Galaxie® Actuator

  • Galaxie® D – Galaxie® with an axially integrated synchronous servo motor and hollow shaft

  • Galaxie® DF – Galaxie® with a radially integrated synchronous servo motor and hollow shaft, up to 30% reduction in length

  • Galaxie® gearbox – a brand new generation, radically redesigned

Superior on principle

The Galaxie® Drive System is an ultra-compact actuator designed to work as a precision drive in applications requiring very high performance.  The system delivers unprecedented torsional rigidity, thanks to our new gearbox design that ensures zero backlash, optimal synchronization accuracy and exceptional repeatability. The surface contact generated by the individual teeth increases the torque density of this compact actuator several times over. 

The system features the gearbox and an axially or radially integrated synchronous motor with a standard encoder system. The system is easily integrated, and is available in the full-size Galaxie® D or the compact Galaxie® DF.  Holding brake and additional sensors are available as options.

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We produce 80% of our core product right here in the USA, and our engineers can assist with design, sizing and technical support.
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  • Very high torque density
  • Very high torsional rigidity
  • Hollow shaft for efficient media supply
  • Complete freedom from maintenance
  • Improved synchronization accuracy
  • Robust and precise output bearing
  • Zero backlash


  • Programmable motion control
  • Reduced costs for commissioning
  • Increased productivity
  • More stable processes
  • New, high performance machine generations
  • Greater competitiveness
  • 5 sizes*
  • Actuator ratio i = 24
  • Hollow shaft: 26 to 75 mm
  • Max. output speed: 126 rpm
  • Max. Acceleration torque up to 7512 Nm
  • Nominal torque up to 3130 Nm
  • Torsional rigidity up to 2700 Nm/arcmin

*Availability on request

  • Integrated water cooling
  • Different encoder systems for connection to standard industrial controllers
  • PT1000, KTY and PTC temperature sensors
  • 560 VDC bus voltage (as standard)
  • Additional sensors

Galaxie® D

  • Permanent magnet holding brake

Galaxie® DF

  • Mechanical adaption with flange geometry in B5 or B14