Smart Manufacturing: New Online Service Portal

alpha gearheads now enabled with one-click access to documentation, service requests and more

In another industry first, WITTENSTEIN Inc. has launched a new Online Service Portal that provides OEMs and end users with personalized product information in minutes. All of the LP model planetary gearheads produced at WITTENSTEIN's North American headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois now features access to this service portal.

To access the WITTENSTEIN Online Service Portal, customers simply utilize any QR Reader application to scan the QR code labeled "Service" on their WITTENSTEIN alpha gearhead. The application then opens a unique web page for that individual product, which features purchase information, technical specifications, installation instructions, documentation and other helpful information. All of this information can be easily reviewed, shared and archived as PDF files for future reference.

New Levels of Speed and Service In addition to expediting product documentation, the WITTENSTEIN Online Service Portal dramatically speeds service and maintenance requests. Instead of disassembling the machine or trying to crawl inside to access the QR code on the component, end user customers utilize a machine sticker included with the product, which has been placed in a machine cabinet or accessible location nearby. The scan opens the Online Product Portal, and with one click the customer can send a service request email to WITTENSTEIN that includes all pertinent product data.

Since detailed product information is included with the service request, the WITTENSTEIN service department can more proactively address the specific needs of the customer. On addition, the service department can provide diagnostic reporting.

"WITTENSTEIN's reputation for quality and innovation in the industry puts us in a leadership spotlight, a trusted resource for guidance and expertise" notes Dr. Lars Aldinger, Executive Vice President of Production & Logistics. "This latest tool helps our customers directly impact their bottom line – saving time and resources. Combined with the integrity of our products and services, this tool directly helps optimize cost of ownership."

The vast majority of core WITTENSTEIN alpha product is produced at the company's North American headquarters. As part of its commitment to local production, the facility completed its first phase of Industry 4.0 preparations in July of 2015. These updates included:

  • New Internet 4.0 machines 
  • Additional assembly lines 
  • Expanded in-stock inventory 
  • Onsite service and technical support 
  • Next-day delivery of LP units — assembled onsite in the U.S.

Elaborating on this commitment, Director of Sales Tom Coyle attests, "Remaining accessible and easy to work is a top priority for WITTENSTEIN here in the U.S. We are investing significantly to deliver on this to our distributors, OEMs and end user customers. In the year ahead you'll see WITTENSTEIN alpha deliver more product, more sizing support and more access to technical resources than ever before."

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