cymex® 5 Enhanced with Export Function for Rockwell Motion Analyzer

Latest update makes it easier than ever to optimize servo sizing for machine design

We’ve updated our cymex® sizing software with an export function that allows users to export their motion profiles for upload into Rockwell Automation Analyzer in just a few clicks.  Available for rotative and linear applications, the function can be accessed from the measurement curves of the first dial gauge after the application.

How to Export of cymex® motion profiles for Rockwell Motion Analyzer

  1. Click the "Import"  button in the top right section of the profile
  2. This generates a "Click To Upload" button in the left bottom section of the profile. Click to activate, and then…
  3. Simply click "Import" in the bottom right to load your profile

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Motion Analyzer software is a comprehensive motion-application sizing tool used for analysis, optimization, selection and validation of the Kinetix® motion control system. This software facilitates the machine design process with tools that quickly design and validate new machine concepts without purchasing or installing physical equipment. 

cymex® 5 allows any number of axes to be defined at once. It also now permits several axes and variants to be analyzed and evaluated simultaneously in a single project – a time saving for designers of up to 60%.  Motion profile, load case, mechanics – users can choose between several possible entry levels when they embark on a design project. The software enables precise simulations of motions and loads because all a drive’s most common basic applications as well as the most frequent movement kinematics and machine mechanisms can be selected directly.  

End-to-end Sizing and Design with Full Documentation
cymex® 5 leverages a dynamic database of 14,000+ motor versions from more than 50 different manufacturers and aligns this information with our entire portfolio of gearboxes and linear systems. After comparing the geometry, the software derives bespoke drive configurations and automatically suggests suitable attached components. After sizing, the user can generate and save all documentation, including data sheets and CAD data for all components.

“Optimizer” Improves Energy Efficiency and Power Density in the Drive Train
The “Optimizer” is a one-of-a-kind feature in sizing software. This tool identifies downsizing potential for current configurations in machines, axes and powertrains.  Simply read out a machine’s existing controller parameters, such as the current or voltage profile, and import the data into cymex® 5. The Optimizer will generate options to improve the train’s energy efficiency, suggesting if a smaller sized motor / gearhead unit could be used without compromising performance.   

WITTENSTEIN is the original gearbox provider chosen for the Rockwell Encompass™ Product Partner Program, and our relationship now spans more than 20 years. See our Encompass Partner page for details