cyber motor to attend Nuclear Energy Assembly in Miami on May 23rd - May 25th!

Visit booth #117 to see our WITTENSTEIN cyber motor products

WITTENSTEIN is a leading supplier of radiation-hardened motion products for the nuclear energy industry. Its cyber motor division specializes in engineering, designing, manufacturing and marketing compact and integral servo motor combinations for the most demanding environmental conditions and mission-critical applications. WITTENSTEIN high precision servo motors and gearboxes are employed in CANDU fuel channel inspection tools, fuel handling robots, control rod actuators, high-level waste processing and motor-operated valves and dampers. Its radiation-hardened products can withstand radiation fields up to 5 Mrad/hour with total absorbed dose of 10 MGy, and operate in temperature environments up to 260°C.

Our product experts Bob Brennan and Will Vinson will be onsite to answer your specific questions about product capabilities and performance. This three day event is hosted by Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).

Click here for event information!

For more information, contact Bob Brennan (bob.brennan@wittenstein-us.com) or Will Vinson (will.vinson@wittenstein-us.com) for more product information.


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