COVID-19: WITTENSTEIN is still up and running

We are continuously evaluating the latest developments surrounding COVID-19 and deriving suitable measures to protect our employees and maintain optimal continuity of supply to our customers.


As things stand today, we are able to manufacture and deliver without any restrictions.

We are doing everything in our power to keep production going at our plants and deliver our usual standard of products and services. Our goal is to continue supporting our customers as effectively as we possibly can. That particularly applies to sectors where we offer solutions for critical infrastructure. We have managed to keep our business operations going as normal until now and we are profiting from our high level of vertical integration. 

The health of our employees is a top priority. 

We have continuously implemented measures to protect our employees ever since the spread of COVID-19 began. In addition to the strict observance of enhanced hygienic measures, we also have a policy of clearly dividing all teams into two groups, which take turns to work either from home or on the premises. By stripping the offices down to a skeleton staff in this way, we ensure compliance with the rules of social distancing. In production, we do this by spreading shift changes over a period of time. 

We stay in contact.

Even in these difficult times, we set great store by close contact with our customers. All telephone numbers and email addresses are still available to you as normal. Thanks to virtual meetings, we can also communicate with one another face to face and search together for solutions and paths. And by the way, if you’re looking for the perfect drive for your application, feel free to use our Sizing Tools: they will help you select the optimum gearbox quickly and easily, design complex kinematic sequences or download CAD data conveniently.

We say thank you.

  • Thank you to all those who are committed to protecting the health of people affected as we fight the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Thank you to all those who keep the infrastructure in place and maintain essential supplies to the population.
  • Thank you to society at large for being mindful of others.
  • Thank you to our customers who continue to put their trust in us regardless of the crisis.
  • Thank you to our suppliers and partners who deliver their services to us in the best possible way in spite of everything.
  • Thank you to all our employees who are keeping the business going uninterrupted under such adverse conditions.

Protective Measures

Strict hygiene rules

We urge our employees to strictly observe the hygienic measures and we endeavor to raise their awareness of the rules for social contacts.

Spatial separation

We maintain spatial separation between employees in administration, for example by means of a rotation system and skeleton staffing. That way, we make it easier to comply with the rules of social distancing.

Contactless shift changes

We have spread shift changes in production over a period of time to rule out encounters between employees on different shifts.

Separate logistics

Goods acceptance is kept apart from incoming goods.

Virtual meetings

We hold Skype or telephone conferences rather than personal meetings. This applies equally to customers, partners, employees and suppliers. 

Limitation of travel

We advise our employees to forgo all business trips within Germany that are not strictly necessary. There is a ban on international business trips. We also recommend limiting private travel as far as possible.

Avoidance of public transport

Our employees are not supposed to use public transport or participate in carpooling.

Internal task force

Our task force provides daily information to employees and explains the various measures to people.