Wittenstein Moves Your Optimal Design

Wittenstein Moves Your Optimal Design
Custom Designing for Clean Room Provides Core Competencies

Wittenstein Moves Your Optimal Design

In a competitive market, you need to ensure that you are exceeding your customers' needs, meeting the markets expectations and optimizing internal resources. Wittenstein offers a solution that allows you to fill all three of these requirements-the alpheno.

The alpheno is your customized gear reducer that will allow your machine to become a core competency of your business. The alpheno is based on the successful alpha SP+ and goes the extra step of allowing you to specify the gearbox requirements.

By definition, the alpheno is whatever you make of it.

Taking Your Requirements and Designing Your Components
Clean room requirements can be daunting. Add in space requirements with high torque and no maintenance and finding an exact gearbox to fit your servo motion requirements is nearly impossible; however, nothing is impossible with the alpheno.

The application required for the gearbox and motor to be in a sealed environment which met with clean room conditions. This sealed environment meant minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. The alpheno was able to provide optimal positioning and torque while meeting the space requirements.

Wittenstein Features:
- Custom designed gearbox to your requirements

Customer Benefits:
- Machine offering unique parameters
- Setting yourself apart from your competition