Wittenstein Moves Simulation to the Next Level

Wittenstein Moves Simulation to the Next Level
Developing Simulators that Provide Realistic Force

Wittenstein Aero

Growth has been on the horizon for some years for the simulator and training market. As the cost and risks of actual training time rises, commercial and military requirements are turning to the world of simulation to provide a cost effective alternative without reducing the realistic conditions.

Wittenstein's control loading system is an integral part of the flight simulator, providing the force-feel characteristics of aircraft controls such as centersticks, pedals and throttles within a simulator to provide realistic forces for the pilot.


Control Loading Provides Reality
Wittenstein aerospace & simulation's solution for flight simulators was to take the current Wittenstein actuator supplied for industrial applications and integrate electronics. This provided a compact solution compared to the industry's traditional large space envelope requirements.

As well, sensors were added to 1) detect the external force exerted on the load target and 2) couple to the mechanical linkages which transmit the forces from the actuator to the load target. The torque and force is controlled by the electronics to ensure precise and accurate representation of forces to the pilot.

Wittenstein's Aktiv8 software allows for a simulator to take the feel of whatever is being modeled, making the product a modular system. Adding to the modularity of the solution, Wittenstein provides all users with the internally developed Aktiv Toolkit which allows the users to define their parameters manually.

The high performance and programmability of the control loading systems make them equally suitable for the complete range of applications, from PC-based trainers to level-D simulators.

Wittenstein Features:
- Electrical and mechanical linking
- Compact Size through Integrated mechatronics and sensors
- Software for reconfigurability

Customer Benefits:
- Reduction of system complexity
- Higher reliability
- Modular