Wittenstein Moves Packaging Without Surprises
Pharmaceutical Packaging without Surprises
Reliable motion provides the answer to robotic consistency

Wittenstein Moves Packaging Without SurprisesConsistency is the name of the game in most packaging operations. In some industries such as pharmaceuticals, regulations require extensive testing to validate consistency. Reliable motion offers a standards approach to consistency.

The FDA requirements cover both production and packaging. Once a machine is validated and started, the FDA does not want process changes. They require a very lengthy re-validation procedure unless a standard component is replaced that is within the defined parameters of the initial validation. As well, international protection (IP) ratings must be high for some applications.

Standard Components
Standardization on the mechanics of the robot allows the customer to easily buy spare parts. With the Wittenstein guarantee, a robot owner can expect long uninterrupted service from the alpha products.

Pharmaceutical applications include solid dose, liquid dose, and medical devices. Besides the pharmaceutical industry, where this approach is both critical and mandated, there are other industries with similar "no surprises" requirements. One industry that is closely following suit is food processing and packaging.

The Robot in Action
The robot's roll in the pharmaceutical environment includes pick and place manipulation of the product to get it into the carton; applications such as syringe handling, package handling, or syringes in a package handling situation. This requires performing intricate movements to make sure that the product is tested right and passes final inspection.

Fast cycle time for the payload is a common deciding factor for most cycles. Wittenstein's alpha SP+ and alpha TP+ provide the option to put more payload on the cantilever arm. The alpha TP+ and alpha SP+ are a good solution based on bearing capacities, bearing life calculations, tilting moment, and finite element analysis. Wittenstein's cymex® sizing tool can provide many of the above calculations.

Wittenstein Features:
- Standard off-the-shelf components
- 100% exit testing for alpha SP+ and alpha TP+
- Available in IP65

Customer Benefits:
- Low maintenance
- High performing machines with increased throughput