Wittenstein Moves with Miniature Motors

Wittenstein Moves with Miniature Motors
Making Motion Miniature for the Semiconductor Industry

Wittenstein Moves with Miniature Motors

In the Semiconductor industry, competition is fierce, manufacturing competencies are paramount and high throughput rates need to be guaranteed. Therefore, when a customer came to Wittenstein placing high demand on ultimate flexibility and performance, Wittenstein delivered a solution.

The application was a new design on a current process - high speed placement of electronic components. The market demand for the smaller electronic components for the semiconductor industry had only just begun and the customer knew it would continue to be a process problem in finding a means of adapting the pick and place requirements to the smaller components.

Miniature Components Picked by Miniature Motors
The MSSI series of motor from Wittenstein is one of the world's smallest high pole AC servo motors. The remarkable miniature size of the motor does not take away from its highly dynamic performance even in extreme environments. Whether in high-vacuum, at the highest temperatures or in radioactive environments, this motor solution meets the most demanding requirements.

By utilizing this solution in a development of a new pick and place machine, the overall space envelope was reduced and the performance of the placement motion dramatically increased.

Wittenstein Features:
Compact size
- Highly dynamic motor performance
- Designed for extreme environments
- Engineering and Support Teams from Wittenstein

Customer Benefits:
- Higher throughput (30,000 pieces per hour)
- Confidence in maximum uptime