Wittenstein Moves MILSPEC

Wittenstein Moves MILSPEC
Electromechanical systems meeting military standards

Wittenstein Moves MILSPEC

The Aerospace & Defense industry has been a key market for Wittenstein as it continues to develop solutions which meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Wittenstein has optimal engineering and design processes to add value to its commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servo components and systems.

The radar tracking turret requires precision, repeatability and reliability.

Wittenstein's TPM+ rotary servo actuator has technical specifications that fit the application requirements. As a special solution, Wittenstein offers the TPM+ gear motor solution that meets the applicable military standards.

Having supplied to the military market for over a decade, Wittenstein knows the requirements and processes which are required to ensure that the end user is receiving a product that exceeds their expectations. Offering a reliable electromechanical solution which can withstand extreme weather conditions and requires low maintenance, Wittenstein has created a solution for the military and other high-demanding markets.

The TPM+ rotary servo actuator is a complete electromechanical solution, containing gearbox and motor in one integrated package. Certain benefits of the TPM+ can also be seen in the alpha TP+ mechanical servo gearbox.  And if required Wittenstein can provide the electronics as part of the package to make your actuator as smart as it needs to be, offering redundancy in the safety systems

Wittenstein Features:
- Optimizing COTS products to MILSPEC
- Comprehensive engineering project support
- Aerospace & Defense experience

Customer Benefits:
- Quick and complete solution
- Reliable and maintenance-free systems