Wittenstein Moves to Face the Sun

Wittenstein Moves to Face the Sun
The Future's So Bright with Wittenstein

Wittenstein Moves to Face the Sun Solar tracking systems are constantly aimed at the sun. The more sun exposure, the more energy created. With the ongoing evolution of solar-tracking, the ability to generate solar power at a volume that is a return on investment is more of a reality.

It is predicted that tracking systems can increase the efficiency of solar installations by up to 25% - an impressive number.

It is All in the Motion
Tracking systems can be designed for single- and dual-axis designs. Depending on the desired of moving parts, both designs prove to be successful in installations.

The power and dual-directional specifications of the tracking systems lend themselves to a TPM+ for a viable solution. Available to be designed for the environmental conditions, TPM+ proves to be a reliable product.

Wittenstein Features:
- Infinite positioning and on-the-fly velocity changes
- Compact and easy to install

Customer Benefits:
- Smooth and reliable motion
- Smaller space requirements and overall cost savings