Wittenstein Moves with Custom Sizing Software

Wittenstein Moves with Custom Sizing Software
Your In-house Wittenstein Engineer - Desktop Version

Wittenstein Moves with Custom Sizing Software - CYMEX Chart

Component selection is a critical component in analyzing system requirements. Guaranteeing full torque, speed and force behavior must be simulated before finalizing designs. In 1999, Wittenstein developed the optimal servo sizing software which acts as your very own in-house Wittenstein application engineer, allowing you to choose your system requirements and automatically providing you with the optimal gear reducer & motor combination for your needs.

Designing Based on Load
Gearbox selection must consider the inertia of the motor and balance out the optimized ratio in order to minimize the motor torque. By utilizing cymex, applications can be designed completely inside the software, allowing design engineers the ability to manipulate specifications accordingly and reduce the design time.

Wittenstein's engineering teams are always available to assist you in this process by providing full torque, speed and force behavior simulations for all of your applications directly out of cymex®. Torque and lateral force profiles for measuring the service life of the bearings and the strength of the flange on the gearbox.

The software is not restricted to the narrow value ranges specified on specific product pages. A unique aspect of cymex allows design engineers to further increase gearbox loads with an extended design space. The outcome is increased design capacity, improved power and smaller gearboxes. This extended design space is indicated by the T2cymex value.

Wittenstein Features:
- Customized servo sizing software
- Over 7000 motor types
- Import functions for profiles in SAM, Excel, ASCII
- 100% exit testing for alpha SP+ and alpha TP+

Customer Benefits:
- Increased design specifications for gearboxes
- CAD files immediately available