Internal gearing

  • Internal gearing / ring gear

A tooth for a tooth – quality from within

Internal gearing by WITTENSTEIN bastian: Whether you need straight, helical or bevel gearing, we can provide you with the full range of high-precision internal gearing. All under one roof, including thermal treatment, and in different production processes and quality levels. Please contact us.

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  • Development for peak capacities
  • Technical data
High-torque gearingHigh-speed gearingLow-noise gearing

For very high torque.


Motor racing, high-speed tools

For rotational speeds of up to 100,000 rpm.


Automotive/industrial engineering

For reduced operating noise.


Automotive engineering, robotics, machine axes

  • Tooth type: straight, helical, conical
  • Module: 0.4 – 6
  • Diameter: up to ø 400 mm
  • Quality (max.): DIN 6

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The WITTENSTEIN Group worldwide integrates all key technologies for electromechanical drive systems. Our innovations regularly set new benchmarks. Our portfolio extends from highly precise gearings to piezo drives and integrated electronics.