Planetary Gearheads for Defence Applications

  • Planetary gearhead (i = 88 - 2600 Nm peak)

  • Planetary gearhead with manual drive and electromagnetic brake

Customized, reliable, compact!

Low backlash planetary gearheads by WITTENSTEIN motion control can be used under extreme ambient conditions.

We offer you tailored solutions of the highest precision and reliability, developed under military standards.

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  • Features
  • Standard backlash <=1 angular minute
  • Output torque up to 40,000 Nm
  • Gear ratios of 1: 1 to 1: 10,000
  • Overload capacity up to 3XTmax 
  • Mechanical rigidity of up to 2000 Nm/arcmin
  • Ambient temperatures of -56°C to +125°C
  • MTBF: up to 320,000 hours

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