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alpha SP+

Celebrating 25 years of the alpha brand! Check out the new look and higher technical specifications.

The alpha SP+ is the newest generation in classic planetary precision.

Always the most popular of the planetary range, the alpha SP+ gearboxes are designed for a variety of applications, providing quiet operation and optimal axial and radial loading capacities.
For high speed applications, Wittenstein offers the alpha SP+ High Speed® as the best alternative. All alpha SP+ gearheads are 100% factory tested according to the stringent alpha cycle.


SP060 (1-stage), SP060 (2-stage), SP075 (1-stage), SP075 (2-stage), SP100 (1-stage), SP100 (2-stage), SP140 (1-stage), SP140 (2-stage), SP180 (1-stage), SP180 (2-stage), SP210, SP240




 Standard gear reducer (MF) designed for:

  • Cyclic applications
  • Reverse operation
  • Highly dynamic applications
  • Greater positioning accuracy

High Speed gear reducer (MC) designed for:

  • Long duty cycles (>60%)
  • High nominal speeds
  • Temperature-sensitive applications
  • Drives with high control quality