Throttle Controls

The active linear and rotary throttles are a combination of a single control loading actuator with linear gearing, electronics and force sensor. Dual throttle variants are also available.

The linear throttle provides a friction adjust knob and active/passive switch on the top surface to represent the F-35. The dual rotary variants can optionally have friction adjust levers which provide feedback to the system to electrically adjust the friction of the levers.
Throttle grips can be provided to suit the aircraft model.
The features of this system include:
  • High fidelity brushless DC motor with integrated control electronics
  • Bolt down fixing to the cockpit structure
  • CAN bus interface for actuator control from the System Control Module
  • Built-in force sensor
  • Realistic grip configurations with full switch fidelity and functionality (optional)
  • Friction pot and active/passive switch (optional)
  • FOD protection

The following specifications are based on the standard gear ratio. Gear ratios can be changed to adjust the maximum torque to meet application requirements.